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About Projectspine®

Projectspine® (spine) is a Building Information Management platform designed for the construction industry to ensure standardized communication. By implementing international and national standards for classification and property data, spine enhances the quality and consistency of data within building projects.

In recent years, the construction industry has undergone an extensive digital revolution in which the use of information-rich BIM models and classification standards have slowly, but surely become more and more prevalent, this revolution is not yet complete.


Building up an IT infrastructure on construction projects that allows all participants to work together based on the industry-adopted standards in a simple and efficient way is still complicated. This is why we have developed the cloud solution spine, in order to make these standards a natural part of the construction process and not just a project requirement.

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Spine should be regarded as a complete business platform and an IT infrastructure that combines a wide range of software technologies, standards, and agreements with specific building component data, and makes it far easier for project participants to communicate and work efficiently together.



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