Hospital project automates structuring of building data, reaping huge operational benefits

A hospital construction project in Gødstrup, Denmark, made huge operational gains by standardizing building data between all the contractors, engineers and architects. The Projectspine BIM platform eliminated common costly errors by synchronizing building data from different production platforms into a common data model. The Spine platform was used to centralize all the building data on the multimillion-dollar super-hospital project in Gødstrup. According to Bjarke Korsgaard Kristensen, Head of IT, it helped control and align building data between as many as 30 contractors, engineers and architects.


Overview and risk-minimization The Spine platform provided many benefits at Gødstrup, including giving all parties the same data structure, reuse codes, construction element
types and element properties. Overall, this more accurate provision of building data gave all parties
greater financial control and better operational management of other projects.

”It made it possible to standardize existing codes from various partners in a single, commonly understood data set using CCS. Just completing the standardization of the codes gave us an invaluable project overview and allowed us to align it so that all partners shared a single data structure no matter where they were involved in the project. This gave us one aggregated digital building model that will be easier to manage and maintain in the future”

Bjarke Korsgaard Kristensen, Head of IT

For example, the Spine platform integrates directly and flexibly into Autodesk Revit 3D models, transparently connecting the various digital models in use by all the construction partners on the project.

Nicolai Karved, Head of Development at Projectspine A/S, believes it is essential to the
success of a large project like the hospital build in Gødstrup, that all construction partners can coordinate and exchange data in real-time across their various digital platforms.
”This allows a consistent data structure, and a transparent, comprehensive overview to be shared between all parties, across all their BIM-models, throughout all the phases of the building project”, he explained.


According to Nicolai Karved, using digital technology to give a common data platform provides greater financial integrity, improving the profitability of the project. The Spine-platform eliminates many manual processes, thereby improving data accuracy and unlocking significant productivity gains.

”With the right digital tools, project owners can reduce costly errors on their project. This is particularly true in the project’s early phases, when different partners might otherwise be working with conflicting data. Our experience from several major Danish hospital projects shows that, among other things, this improved digital integration enables project owners to identify and avoid hundreds of potentially expensive mistakes”, he says.


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