Per Aarsleff made major efficiency gains by synchronizing thousands

of construction element codes

The Danish construction group Per Aarsleff A/S eliminated paper-based processes by using Spine software from Projectspine A/S at a brand new residential construction project in Copenhagen. This cloud-based platform automatically synchronized the data from thousands of building elements, in several Autodesk Revit models, giving all partners an accurate project overview. This brought huge efficiency gains and gave
Aarsleff better control of the project finances. On previous projects at the Post Office site in Copenhagen, building information was manually controlled and uncoordinated. For Nikolaj Thomsen, VDC Project Manager at Aarsleff, the advantage of the Spine platform was the ability to automatically recognize and enter construction element codes in models as soon as they were received from project architects and partners.


Giving everybody an accurate project overview Spine’s ability to extract data from multiple models and provide an accurate overview for the entire project, makes the platform a key tool for Aarsleff. According to Nicolai Karved, Head of Development at Projectspine, this allowed project partners to make better decisions based on more accurate information.

“It was essential to improve data management and synchronize building information between all partners on the project. The Spine software allowed us to provide all construction partners with continuously updated information and avoid manually entering building data into spreadsheets, thereby greatly reducing the risk of errors”, he explained.



Nikolaj Thomsen, VDC Project Manager at Aarsleff

He also identified other benefits, such as being able to easily and quickly specify construction elements, classify the components and make accurate real-time pricing and risk calculations.

“On the Post Office construction site, we were able to give contractors an accurate overview of the data for all the buildings on the project, whether they were hotels, offices or residential homes. We could also detect and resolve information conflicts that are difficult to manage manually.

For Aarsleff the Spine platform brings accurate building data to the construction site, and, with the integration of Sigma’s estimating tool, allows real-time costing adjustments and decision making by incorporating changes as soon as they are received from architects and other project advisors located off-site.

The strength of the Spine software is to provide a shared platform allowing all construction partners

to access accurate building information in real-time

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