We build BIM tools to digitize construction and building projects from early sketch to facility management

We help digitize construction projects and build the best BIM software

Projectspine® is dedicated to supporting the entire value chain in the building construction industry (AEC) – from early sketch to facility management. Projectspine offers a Building Information Management platform for storage, management and distribution of project information. We are experts in CCS and other classification systems, and loyal bannersmen of a Common Data Environment Solution (CDE). With expertise knowledge about our customers’ processes, we supply the industry with an IT solution that save time, reduce errors and lower costs.

Put the Spine in building projects

Spine is the construction industry backbone and most popular BIM cloud solution for structuring data in building projects. Spine is easy to use and very intuitive. The best Building Information Management platform for synchronizing, managing and validating all project data, which are stored safely in the cloud. Spine is a data management tool for 3D. It is classification made easy and guarantees meaningful data every time. The Spine platform is designed for efficient structured data sharing and full transparency. Spine support ICT requirements and the entire BIM process.

Technical facts

Spine is a SaaS and a cloud platform. It has an open API and integrates with all systems, solutions, and data.

Our brand and vision

Our mission is to create the world’s leading solution for handling and structuring data in the construction industry. Spine synchronizes, manages, and validates all data in construction projects across all production platforms and sets new standards within BIM. With Spine, one single digital backbone is established for all information in a building project. 

Our target groups are building owners »architects/ engineers » and contractors ».

Why Spine?

The Nordic Council report emphasizes the need for construction for ICT solutions, which ensures a holistic view of construction projects for all actors. The Danish Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing have published a new strategy for digital building (Danish) » which also underlines the need for digitalization in the building industry.

Behind us

Projectspine® is a Danish technology company (propTech). We are part of Lagercrantz Group AB.
We started-up in Denmark in 2015. Our development team is in Denmark and develops in accordance with the construction sectors demands for digitisation.