Control all aspects of the building project with a complete and accurate overview

With Spine, better digital integration and classification streamlines and reduces cost for you

Significant benefits are to be gained if all actors use the same data structure for sub-codes and properties

Spine ends the need for making all type codings and calculations maually in Excel

Building owners

On most projects, it is easy to lose track of all actors in the project. The problem is often that results collide because of model differences and actors using different ways to classify building parts. The lack of fulfillment of ICT requirements is also often a significant problem in building projects.

With Spine better digital integration and classification streamlines and reduces costs for you. Using Spine secures the entire construction process and the subsequent operation.

Overview and transparency ensure the overall project economy

Transparent and summary are the keywords of any building project. With Projectspine®, you as a building owner are guaranteed that all players can coordinate and exchange data in real-time and across production platforms.

You are ensured a stable data structure, transparency, and one overall overview of all actors, models, dimensions, and phases in a building. With Spine, you avoid the traditional silos, where each actor sits on important information which is not shared.


“The Spine platform has made it possible to transform old code with our various partners into a common language under the CCS standard. The work alone has created an invaluable overview and made it possible for us to align the project so that our operating organization has one overall structure rather than several small projects.”

- Bjarke Korsgaard Kristensen, ICT responsible at the hospital building in Gødstrup

High data quality and fulfillment of ICT requirements

Valuable BIM tools such as spine ensures data quality and the fulfillment of ICT requirements on building projects. On all projects, there are significant benefits to be gained if all actors use the same data structure for sub-subcodes, types, and properties.

Intelligent digital solutions for classification and information management throughout the building process are vital for better project management and overview, thereby also providing greater assurance of precise financial control. Therefore, both builders and authorities increasingly demand accurate delivery of digital building information.

Automatic clean up and securing of type codes

On many projects, the different actors work with specific classifications. Therefore it is essential that spine automatically cleans up the data structure and put type codes on the unspecified models that come from architects and consultants.

Spine ensures that all property data is coupled to the building quantities, for example, fire class, type, function, etc.

By upgrading the data across the project partners, the contractors are allowed to provide the client with more precise calculations. Using Spine ends the need for making all type codings and calculations manually in Excel. Use Spine to avoid errors, as well as heavy and complicated work.

Full control with deliveries

With CCS, the client has precise data on the quantities and the information and overview in the early phase of a building project, which allows a better basis for decision making. Through the Spine platform, you as a building owner can manage a standard data structure. And since the tables are coded into the systems, real data is always connected to the objects.

The classification and the high quality of data provide a much better picture of whether schedules can be maintained. At the same time, control over deliveries and deliveries are ensured.


Customers who rely on our spine solution:

Projectspine® offers 3 user products. By doing so, we make sure that Spine fits your need. Whether you are looking for a basic, a professional or an advanced user package Projectspine® is here with software to help you manage your project.

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