Time is now – digitize and structure your data to optimize

spine is the construction industry backbone and most popular, BIM cloud solution for structuring data in building projects.

 spine handles all project data, give you a direct link to the I in BIM models, and ensures:

Common data structure

A standardized data structure promotes understanding and ensures an effective information exchange.

Better use of data

Get more precise collision control, consistency check, and comparison of data with a unified data structure.



Clear communication

Misunderstandings are expensive. Spine ensures clear information in multiple languages.


Projectspine offer a 50% discount off a complete Spine package that includes everything your project needs to get started with data classification and management.

The package includes:

  • Users: 1 ADVANCED, 2 PROFESSIONAL & all the BASIC required
  • Project that can contain up to 300 types and 5,000 instances
  • Setting up a common data structure including ICT agreement basis
  • On-boarding training day for all project participants
  • E-learning 

Promotional price per month: DKK 4,085, – ex. VAT (50% discount is deducted from the normal price).
50% discount only applies when you subscribe for minimum one year.
After the first year, we offer 30% discount for loyal users.
More users and projects can always be purchased, in addition to the number that is automatically included in the package.

Check out the different licenses – which types fits best

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spine supports the governments’ strategy for digital building

“The digital tools create an unprecedented opportunity for industry transparency, which encourages a more significant focus on common goals rather than sub-optimization that confines itself to one’s own business. The increased openness makes trust and cooperation across disciplines and phases a crucial factor in the further digital development of the construction. The building mass in Denmark constitutes a huge socio-economic asset, and this wealth must be managed efficiently and smartly. Here, data plays a significant role.”

– Strategy for digital building, a report by the Danish Ministry for Transport, Building and Housing

Read what Bjarke Korsgaard Kristensen says about using spine at DNV Gødstrup

“The spine platform has made it possible to transform old code with our various partners into a common language under the CCS standard. The work alone has created an invaluable overview and made it possible for us to align the project so that our operating organization has one overall structure rather than several small projects.” - Bjarke Korsgaard Kristensen, ICT responsible at the hospital building in Gødstrup

Customers using Spine

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