Spine automates the work of defining and classifying building elements.

Reduces risk and provides more proper financial management

Breaks up with manual type coding and calculations in Excel


Despite ever-increasing digitization of construction, contractors are still not getting a real overview of all phases, models, actors and building data in the projects. Therefore, the potential for minimizing risk and automating project, supplier, procurement and classification management with effective digital technology is enormous.

Our intelligent cloud platform Spine ensures and qualifies building data based on several classifications. Furthermore, it secures a solid foundation for digital time and project management, deliveries and realistic project calculation based on project models.

Useful classification – overview from day one

The Spine platform automates the work of defining and classifying building elements. Spine ensures that both the contractor achieve a uniform data structure with full transparency across all actors, models, dimensions, and phases in a building. Spine thus breaks down the traditional silos that traditionally burden the entire economy. Our solution can help the dilemma where each actor sits on important information without sharing it.

Data quality provides precise economic control

On both large and small projects, massive efficiency gains can be harvested when everyone uses the same data structure for building subcodes, types, and properties. Spine upgrades data across project partners and creates a direct link between project models and price calculation. Spine makes it possible to follow the price consequences of ongoing project adjustments and provides more accurate estimates. In the end, it reduces your risk and provides more proper financial management.

“It is essential that we can upgrade data across the project partners and thereby continuously give the client more accurate calculations. Without Spine’s technology, we had to make all type encodings and calculations manually in Excel. It would be incredibly heavy, complicated and subject to considerable error risk ”


- Nicolai Thomsen, VDC Project Manager, Aarsleff

Eliminates manual processes

Spine automatically cleans up raw models and puts a stable data structure and classification on the overall project – across all project actors. In this way, the spine platform breaks up with manual type coding and calculations in Excel. This task, which is heavy, complicated and often subject to high error risk, is better off avoided.

Full control with deliveries

The spine platform always connects the right data to building objects. It tightens control of deliveries, just as the contractor and material manufacturer are digitally connected. At the same time, the handover is digitized so that the operating organization takes over quickly manageable documentation of everything in the construction. Our solution ensures valuable knowledge sharing at both one year and five-year review of the building.

Projectspine® offers 3 user products. By doing so, we make sure that Spine fits your need. Whether you are looking for a basic, a professional or an advanced user package Projectspine® is here with software to help you manage your project.

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