Importance of selecting the right tools

Maximize the business value of your technology investments with Projectspine and get comprehensive support designed for large project and organizations.

It’s crucial to select the right solution on a large project or company going on for years. For both is about investment at secure that the setup and platform are supportive and reliable. The right solution for your organization or project is keen on the investment and outcome.




As a large company, project or group, it is essential that your setup is right from the beginning and the internal processes are defined and working so that bottlenecks do not arise during periods of bustle. The deliverable of the project from a typical data structure, QA and the ICT requirement.

Projectspine was born for large scale projects and setup and can help you optimize your processes through everything from consulting to software and to make it easier for your employees to collaborate in your digital building projects across teams and departments. We tailor your needs and ensure the right solution at the right time in your digitization.

Enterprise benefits


Defined project and user

As an enterprise, you will have access to any number of different projects and users for your cmpany. The agreement typically run 3-5 years. You will always be supported by our dedicated staff.

Improve your efficiency

Work effectively and improve your efficiency. Our dedicated Projectspine® staff is always on standby to guide and help you use your Spine software in the most effective way.

Increase your productivity

Minimize downtime with our support and hands-on assistance from specialists who know your business and technical environment.

Avoid any issues

Receive strategic recommendations that can help you better manage costs and avoid issues.

Stay ahead of the curve

Keep up with the latest technology developments through ongoing connections with the Projectspine® product team.

Gain a strategic partner

Work closely with a Customer Success Manager to develop and execute a customer success plan that helps you achieve your business goals.

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