Frequently Ask Questions

 What is Spine?

Spine is an easy-to-use tool, dedicated to handling and providing your building and construction data to secure correct use of data, a common data structure and clear communication. You can add and/or update your digital building data and share with all others on the project, whom you have invited to collaborate.


What separates Spine from other tools?

We are the only BIM cloud-based tool for the construction industry in the market. Besides being a cloud portal, Spine uses Revit to create intelligent 3D models of buildings, which can then be used to produce construction documentation.

Spine makes sure you optimize the best way when you classify your data in accordance with the standards – whether its CSS, SfB, BIM7A, CoClass, Uniclass or another classification code. Besides being an excellent classification tool, you can add all other data to the 3D model as well and control the data in one place. The Spine portal function as your main hub.

With Spine its simply impossible to hand over erroneous building data to the owner.


Can I try Spine for free?

Absolutely, we offer a 30 days free trial, where you get one project to test.


What happens to my account, when my Trial-subscription runs out?

Your user license becomes inactive. There is no automatic roll-over to a paid service. We will store your data for one year in the portal, so you can easily re-activate your license and upgrade to the paid package that fits your needs.

You will however need to upgrade your plan to continue using the account.


How do I delete my account?

Please let us know by contacting us: support


What If I Have Other Questions?

Our help desk will support you with any problems you face – call us, chat or email here: support

or you can contact us using the form and we will get back to you asap. 


Is there a money back guarantee for any of the paid products?

Off course. We value happy customers.


Does the trial platform limit my access to certain features?

Simply said, yes! – You will not be able to invite users to your project or add more projects. Trial is to play around with and to give you an idea of the platform features, advantages and usability. If you are keen to test out more, please contact us and we will find the package that suits your needs.

All building projects need Spine