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Structuring your data with a common standard, classifying it – this is the key to unlocking the full value of BIM. Data is the new gold, and It’s all about communicating design intent to more accurately budget, plan, and build an asset. No matter what level of the industry you are working in, data is much more valuable, going forward, and this will help you in your business going forward and also with your client in focus. You will now be able to hand over to the building owner, precise and accurate data.

Today, the advisers are expected to have control over who has done what and what information each actor has access to. Therefore, full control of traceability and information security is essential for you as an Architect, Engineer, and contractor to make logical and correct decisions.

Projectspine creates the foundation for managing information, methodology, and roles in a pure cloud solution. In doing so, we help the project team and builders solve one of the most critical business challenges of our time, the correct and validated data.

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