Release new Spine features for better BIM – BIM7AA is now a core standard in Spine

Four new features with release 3.0!

BIM7AA Type Coding:
BIM7AA is now a native standard in Spine. This makes it possible to work with projects solely using BIM7AA, but still leveraging the benefits of mapping to other standards and using standardized properties like in CCS projects.

Use multiple IDs in the same project:
Many projects are often a mix of different standards. With this enhancement, Spine lets you work with both CCS and BIM7AA Type ID at the same time, ensuring consistency and automatic numbering.

Add multiple classifications at once in Revit:
At handover, the required Classification for Maintenance and Operation is often different from the Classification used in design and construction. With Spine for Revit, it is possible to add multiple classifications at once, and you can easily navigate from the ones you are already familiar with.

Brand new Management interface:
Managing Properties and Parameters within a project are often a big struggle for a BIM Manager. With the new Management interface, it has become even easier to overcome this critical task.




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Spine release - more freedom of method with multi-classification

Infrastructure reap the benefits

Danish Sund & Bælt is increasingly using new technology and data to optimize daily operations and maintenance, and is investing heavily in the total digitalisation of their buildings and facilities. Now Sund & Bælt will use Projectspine’s SaaS solution as the BIM (building information management) engine.

Customized solutions for the construction industry

Projectspine hires new Software Developer, whose expertize is customized solutions.