Integration to Autodesk® Revit® 2020


In the integration to Autodesk® Revit® 2020, you can classify all elements and building objects with a specific standard, such as CCS, BIM7AA, and SfB or other available standards. You can manage types directly in the Revit model and automatically check multiple Revit files across projects.

The integration with Autodesk® Revit® 2020 is live data with the spine project in the portal and therefore all data is always updated and synchronized with all the Revit model files attached to the project and the spine Portal.

    Spine works with several standards

    CCS is based on international standards:

    CCS is a common language and common method for structuring data

    ISO 12006-2:2015 Framework for classification
    ISO 704:2009 Terminology work
    ISO 22274:2013 Aspects for developing classification systems
    IEC/ISO 81346-1:2009 Structuring principles and reference designations
    IEC/ISO 81346-2:2009 Classification of objects and codes for classes
    buildingSMART IFC properties and property sets


    This Integration adds an extra ribbon with features to add classification and identification, as well as to manage parameters and Revit Families. Simply, select a class, select Revit objects, and add the classes.

    Add properties based on international standardized structures (like IFC, Cobie, etc.) with the right parameter definitions. This secures excellent project collaboration and the best exchange of information.

    Projectspine® is dedicated to delivering value to the entire value chain in the building industry, from the early stage to facility management and maintenance and operation.

    Spine allows all participants to work together, coordinate and synchronize your BIM Project with all object properties and manage the entire project information in the cloud, from any location, any standard and across the entire project team.