Whether you want to improve data management, accelerate work processes, simplify BIM processes, or communicate more effectively, Spine is a solution to help you build better.

Spine is developed to provide building owners, contractors, architects and engineers with a strong tool to ensure better use of data, a common data structure and clear communication on projects. Spine is designed to allow project members to access all data across and between any location at any time.

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Spine is a SaaS and a cloud platform. It has an open API and integrates with all systems, solutions, and data.

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Spine supports all standards – international, national or companies’ own – which gives you freedom to select. Classify your models in Spine using any standard such as CCI, CCS, OmniClass, UniClass, BIM-Stockholm, Co-Class. 

With Spine you comply to the EN ISO 19650 framework setup in the Handbook for the introduction of Building Information Modelling by the European Public Sector.

With Spine you get:

  • Common data structure
  • Data validation
  • Effective building processes
  • Perfect delivery of data to operation & FM