All building projects need Spine. Simply the best BIM software for the AEC industry.

spine by Projectspine®

spine is a standardized communication platform developed by Projectspine® for the construction sector to handle building classification codes. Projectspine® is dedicated to delivering value to the entire value chain in the building construction industry, from early sketch to facility management and maintenance and operation.

In recent years, the construction industry has undergone an extensive digital revolution in which the use of information-rich BIM models and classification standards have slowly, but surely become more and more prevalent, this revolution is not yet complete. Building up an IT infrastructure on construction projects that allows all participants to work together based on the industry-adopted standards in a simple and efficient way is still complicated. This is why we have developed the cloud solution spine, in order to make these standards a natural part of the construction process and not just a project requirement.

spine stands for Standard Project Information Network Exchange. The aim of spine is to enable architects, engineers, contractors, developers, etc. to use classifications, properties, codes, and other building component data uniformly and consistently.

spine should be regarded as a complete business platform and an IT infrastructure that combines a wide range of software technologies, standards, and agreements with specific building component data and makes it far easier for project participants to communicate and work efficiently together.

In the way these project participants currently work, the BIM models are populated with large amounts of information from a very early stage in the project. This contributes to making the information hard to access for many of the project stakeholders. Maintaining all these data also requires a considerable amount of resources.

The advantage of spine is that the data are combined and can easily be accessed using everyday tools – even by people who are not used to working with BIM. spine manages the complicated task of handling property data across BIM models as this platform is based on classified building components and is able to identify and coordinate property data between the models used by various technical disciplines and software solutions.

Spine is developed to provide building owners, contractors, architects and engineers with a strong tool to ensure better use of data, a common data structure and clear communication on projects.

Spine is designed to allow project members to access all data across and between any location at any time. The access can be from an internet browser to i.e. an advanced design-, calculation or planning tool.

Data create value when shared and made accessible– simply collecting and hosting the data is not enough.

In conceptual terms, Spines infrastructure, can in many ways, be regarded as a reinvention of the mobile network.


Spine converts international standards and manages these standards to allow architects, engineers, contractors, and developers to get an overview of all building elements and components – without working in the BIM model itself.

This ensures that all project participants are updated, ensuring that the number of errors, misunderstandings, mistakes, and decisions based on old data is significantly reduced. Spine ensures a uniform understanding of concepts, consistent quality assurance, and optimum collaboration and – not least – the simple and efficient application of standards.


In other words, Spine is a communication platform that allows significant elucidation of building data, properties, application and not least cohesion on a construction project.

In this way, Spine contributes with important homogeneity in working with classification standards, through which the entire project will be coordinated and consolidated.

A unique overview

Spine provides all project participants with a unique overview of the project. Financial risks are minimized, performance and efficiency are increased and the ability to meet deadlines within the agreed project timeframe is improved.

This means that the building owner is always able to track the financial consequences of the decisions being made at the project.

Recycle your data

Spine makes reuse of data and information far easier and supports several different standards so that project participants are able to implement the required project standards across all disciplines.

Throughout the construction process, Spine simplifies validation, identification, coordination and exchanging project information – from design to operation and maintenance.


The built-in browser in Spines “Desktop Service” automatically logs the user into the Spine portal and provides a simple and easy accessible overview of all applicable information about the object the user is working on – directly from Revit or other third-party software. Users thereby achieve a full overview of objects, project types, characteristics and interrelationships – without having to search through several different software programs.