Advanced User On-site Training Session

Benefit and what to achieve from attending this training

In this training, you’ll learn the Spine Interface and the benefits of creating and maintaining a standard project data structure. 

You’ll be presented to a range of classification standards and their differences, to become confident in selecting and setting up a standard project data structure.  

You’ll learn to create and manage Spine projects, including project participants and their roles and rights; data for the Revit families; models and documents assigned to the Spine project; project specific properties and mapping to Revit parameters, manage duplicated parameters and parameter definition, and deprecate parameters.  

Additionally, you’ll also learn to edit project content, and thereby adding structure to a project or company template or object library.

Objectives and key results

A structured project from start to end promotes clear communication throughout the entire project process. In Spine, you control and manage all project data and project participants from one place, overview of all projects, check the consistency of data in models and set up the project structure to fit your needs.  

Set up data views for different purposes, e.g., energy calculating, fire simulating, or cost managing.  Live synchronization ensures data views always are updated, with the latest changes and property values; Project participants therefore always make decisions based on the right data information; additionally views to check whether participants have delivered the required data. Project Participants are always sure of, where to find the needed data, and the risk of redundant and isolated data eliminated. 

Spine is the solution to help you daily in optimizing your workflow in projects, helping become even more digital and handing over the right data to the building owner makes you even more attractive as a partner going forward. 


Basic skills in Autodesk Revit and knowledge about Revit Parameters.


2 days


399,- € / participant

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When you sign up for the individual training session you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have any questions regarding registration you can contact the training coordinator on training@projectspine.com.

Cancellation and changes

The cancellation deadline is one month before the start of the course unless otherwise stated during the individual course. You may cancel your training session by sending an email to training@projectspine.com

In case of later cancellation, however, no later than 14 days before the training start, an administration fee of 50% of the price of the training fee will be charged. If you cancel later than 14 days before the start of the training, we cannot reduce the course fee. However, your training session space can be transferred to another participant from the same company without cost up until the start of the training session.

The course fee must be paid when the invoice is received. We send the invoice for your participation in the course approx. one month before the start of the course.

The course fee for the individual course descriptions is stated excl. VAT. And incl. catering course.


Projectspine reserves the right to change prices, time, place and content. We reserve the right to postpone the most recently signed in case of oversubscription, and if the number of participants is less than assumed, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel the course.

General information

Please bring your own Laptop for this training. Before the training session, we will send an invitation to Spine Project and access to Spine. If you already have a Spine user you can just add the project to your profile at the training session.

We will be teaching in Danish and the Spine Portal user interface is English with the option for using your local language, such as Danish.

We offer coffee breaks during the day and also serve lunch.

If the training takes place in Copenhagen, the easy way to get to BloxHub is by train, bus or bicycle. If you drive a car you can use the parking garage at BloxHub or find paid parking spaces around BloxHub. The expense for parking in Copenhagen is around + 100 DKK / hour.